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Amir-Gabriel Gad (they/he) is a tri-state area based multidisciplinary artist who's here to bring melancholic joy and answer once and for all if ghosts are real (they are).

He is a graduate of the University of the Arts with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Directing, Playwriting, and Production, and a minor in Creative Writing.

Amir was born in New Jersey to a blended Greek and Egyptian first generation family, and currently lives in New Jersey. He is sad to inform you that he does support the NJ Devils.

some trivia (this will be on the test)
  1. Amir has 36 teeth instead of the normal 32.

  2. He is convinced he could survive a slasher movie.

  3. Whenever he mentions his cat, Sappho, he will always follow it up with "my cat, not the poet".

  4. Amir can perfectly recite any scene from Clue (1985) by memory.

  5. Their favorite season is fall, because of course it is.

  6. He once played Skyrim for five hours straight.

  7. If they had to be an animal for a day, they'd be a Barn Owl.

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